25th Anniversary – Day 24

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Day 24 of 25 Celebrating my 25th Anniversary.

“It takes a village”… to raise a child, to make a dream come true, to achieve a common goal together. We’ve been warmly embraced by the Spanish town of Carmona since we arrived and we love to contribute and act as ambassadors for this beautiful place. We’ve enjoyed many things so far, including:
– showcasing our work with other local writers and artists at Carmona’s women’s expo
– making our HQ nest at the local Coworking space in Carmona
– creating cultural bonds with local and international artists to further showcase Carmona to the outside world
– collaborating with the local Department of Commerce
– activity sheets to support the emotional wellbeing of kids and adults during the COVID-19 lockdown
– and more!
Karin and I feel very fortunate to reach more people’s hearts through experiences like these. Every day feels like a new beginning, and this is the beauty of life – to create every day with Love, Joy and Imagination. And do it in a place that feels like home.