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Born in Spain, Made Owl Around the World

(A brief introduction by Niki’s creator, Karin Pinter)

niki owl spanish flag

Niki Owl was born in 1995 as a way to help put a smile in people’s hearts, at the same time as I began to imagine what my life might become through Creativity. Something that most kids experience as they start to make their way through life and express their uniqueness.

niki owl taking notes

Behind the illustrations, clay figurines, books, and all the other Niki Owl creations is my constant desire to light up the world through the power of Love, Joy and Imagination.

niki owl soccer 2

These guiding principles inspired Niki Owl into existence, and they continue to inspire “kids” of all heights around the world to do what they love most, because this world is our playground.

Niki Owl gift of love

Each Niki Owl that is made and sent out into the world is embedded with the energy of Love, Joy and Imagination, ready to help you fuel yours to create whatever makes you smile. What we do is for the kid in you.

Niki Owl World Love

We love making meaningful products with a purpose, because we know the world is a better place when we put more Love and Joy into it (we even have a Manifesto).

Thanks for being here and for exploring your imagination through Niki Owl.

Big Love,
Karin (and the rest of the Niki Owl Team)