Niki Owl Gifts, Books and Cartoons

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Niki Owl first showed up as a cartoon owl in 1995, fruit of his creator Karin Pinter‘s love of comic characters.
Since then, Niki Owl has appeared in numerous books for both kids and adults,
unique owl gifts, owl cards, owl cartoons, animations and other cool owl stuff. All with the aim of inspiring love, joy and imagination in people all around the world. We hope you enjoy Niki Owl’s universe and invite you to discover how Niki Owl came to life.

OWL cartoon

Niki Owl started out as the featured character on the handmade greeting cards Karin started to make for her local community, friends and family. Niki Owl has evolved a lot over the years, and you can find the more recent Niki Owl cartoons on Instagram.

Since Karin started making Niki Owl gifts for her friends, family and local community, they’ve always embodied the essence of Love, Joy and Imagination that light up a smile in their recipients’ hearts. Why not share them with your friends too?

Books are a sacred space for our imagination to develop. The Niki Owl book series includes fiction novels, colouring books, and creativity books for kids and adults. They’re created with positive insights and prompts to help engage your imagination and be in your joy.

The Niki Owl ecards are the digital version of what started out as handmade greeting cards. You can send I Love You ecards, Thank You ecards and Christmas ecards.
The Niki Owl colouring pages collection includes a series of Christmas colouring pages as well as mindfulness colouring pages to download in PDF.

These owl illustrations feature Niki Owl visiting emblematic places, doing fun or meaningful things, or anything that his creator Karin thinks to draw.

"There are dreams that live in our hearts, and dreams that come to life...
The difference between them is a leap of faith!"

- Niki Owl