Karin loves to make specially curated gifts for teams and companies. Why not bring the Love, Joy and Imagination of Niki Owl to your wise team?

The image below is from a very special Niki Owl team that Karin made as a gift for the 2015 Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team, to commemorate the Women’s World Cup held in Canada in 2015. 

Karin made these owls to represent every player on the WWC team roster, as well as one for their Coach and one for their Assistant Coach. The whole set took more than 500 hours to make, paint, put together and finish up with all the details you see here, and we enjoyed every step of the process!

Soccer Niki Owl(tm) Copyright by Karin Pinter

Read the “Making of the Niki Owl Team Gift for CANWNT” story, with step by step photos and a cool video.

Celebrate your “team” with Niki Owl!

You might own or operate a sports team, fitness brand, or a company whose members are active in sports somehow. Wouldn’t it be cool to gift each one with a “team” owl? You can see some other examples here.

Niki Owl Team Gifts can be made and sold in several quantities to meet your team’s scope – email for custom orders.