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Timber Niki

HOO knew owls loved football so much?? Well, okay, this one in particular does. There has always been a strong association in my creativity between Niki Owl and football (aka “soccer”). Growing up in Spain, I watched this sport a lot, and started creating different Niki Owls for friends representing…

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Ducati Panigale Drawing

This Ducati Panigale drawing is for a friend whose dream is to own one of these “toys” (as I like to call fast cars, bikes and other such things). It’s one of my ways of encouraging him to move towards his dreams, while I get to be purposefully creative with Niki Owl. Here’s…

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Let Go to Thrive [Cartoon]

It’s time for the next Niki Owl cartoon! As spring approaches and people get focused on “spring cleaning,” I created this cartoon with the concept of how we can “spring clean” the mind to thrive and keep moving in the direction of our dreams. I hope you like it! Also,…

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Dare to CREATE Your Dreams

What a great start to the year! I’ve been talking to so many people around the world asking about their goals and aspirations, and the general consensus is this: “I want to improve my life.” For a lot of people this means having better relationships, improving their fitness, travelling, and enjoying…

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Start with Love & Joy

Happy New Year! Niki Owl and I would like to send you some big hugs. It’s one of the best ways we know to start any day. As we start this new year, we’re making a stronger commitment to starting every day with Love and Joy, because we believe this…

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My Christmas Wish For You

This is my wish for you… not just for Christmas, but every day. Share the gift of YOU with the world. Big Love, Karin

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