Roots & Progress of Niki Owl

Although Niki Owl started as custom handmade gifts and greeting cards, we understand that our mission of lighting up the hearts of millions of people around the world requires a thing called “scalability”.

One person making products by hand can only “go so far”, and that’s not scalable to the degree we know Niki wants to show up owl around the world to transform and inspire people!

Our aim is to expand our Purposeful Product offerings whilst maintaining a certain level of handmade and artisan work that we know many people love. We’ll always have a special place for our tradition of “handmade with love,” especially for as long as Karin Pinter can make and draw owls!

To reach and inspire more hearts, we’re actively exploring options for the large scale development of Purposeful Products that will support and aide the active development of creativity and imagination for kids of all types, including children, parents and seniors, because we see Niki Owl as a builder of bridges between generations.

Our goal is to develop our global HQ where we incubate and hatch (pun intended) the creative process, as well as partner with other companies and suppliers who use the best quality/environmentally-conscious materials, and the most human-friendly production facilities.

We aim to create an overall happy environment for anyone who comes into contact with the creation and distribution of Niki Owl. Those are the kinds of people we’re looking to invite into the experience of making our dreams come true in support of others’ dreams coming true.

For more about our expanding Purposeful Products, or if you’re interested in becoming a Niki Owl merchandise and manufacturing partner, please contact us.