Handmade Owl Gifts

Niki Owl officially started appearing as handmade owl gifts back in 1995. We’ve evolved some of our product designs during this time, whilst maintaining the integrity of the Love, Joy and Imagination that each handmade owl gift is embedded with during its inception and creation.

Most owls can be customised upon request, and we do take special custom orders (your imagination is key!). Simply email us with your ideas and we’ll be happy to curate something especially for you!

How we make our handmade owl gifts:

Step 1 – The Concept (Imagination)

handmade owl gift step 1

We come up with an idea for a gift for someone, or receive an order asking us to make one for their friend, family, colleague, or team member. When creating a new personalised handmade gift, we think of who it’s for – their favourite things, their hobbies, their profession. We then move on to…

Step 2 – The Design (Joy)

handmade owl gift step 2

We come up with some initial drawings to illustrate the product before we start making it. We draw out several sketches of how the intended final product should be. If you ordered a gift to be created from scratch, we’ll confirm the design with you before we start making it (unless you’d rather let us surprise you too!). Once we’ve determined the final design, we move on to…

Step 3 – The Creation (Love)

handmade owl gift step 3

We start to shape and paint your handmade owl gift, and build any other elements of the design that are needed (using all sorts of wood and assorted materials). If you ordered several of the same type of owl, they will always be slightly different because they’re individually hand crafted. This is what gives each handmade Niki Owl gift its unique and special distinction.

Between concept, design and finished gift, this process can take about 3-5 days to complete per owl. There’s a lot of love and attention going into each one!

Before it gets sent to you, we take photos of your gift so we can keep a record of it in our handmade owl gifts.

Certificate of OwlthenticityTM

Each handmade Niki Owl gift comes with its own Certificate of OwlthenticityTM, which is signed and numbered by Karin Pinter. This way you know it truly IS an original Niki! Your owl gift goes into a neat little box with enough bubble wrap and protective layers to ensure a safe arrival at your chosen destination.

What Niki Owls are made of:

All our handmade owl gifts are created with love from an air-drying clay-like material that is then coated with acrylic-based paint and varnish for the best feather sheen. We typically place them on wooden bases depending on the design and intention of the product. These bases are either varnished or painted, depending on the desired finish.

We’re also clean makers!! You’ll hardly know we made an owl anywhere because we like to keep a tidy work environment. This makes life easier at the Niki Owl workshop! HOO knows? You might even find us making one at a coffee shop near you some time (this has been known to happen!).

How to treat your handmade Niki Owl gift:

With appreciation and kindness, please. Niki Owl gifts are best displayed as collectibles and decorations, out of reach of little ones. They are not toys or edible items, and we accept no responsibility for any potential harm if our products are mis-used.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your Niki Owl gift, please email us and we’ll answer them as swiftly as possible.

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