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Owl Cards

Our handmade Niki Owl cards can easily be transferred to printed versions for small packs to large orders.

Whether you’re looking to have a pack of owl cards to send to friends and family for the holidays and birthdays, or you wish to send a special thank you to your clients, we can print custom volume owl cards just for you.

We’ll quote you on the card design, plus print and shipping based on your location (US/Canada or Europe) so that we can have our printing partners closest to you print and ship the cards directly. This saves time and is more respectful of the environment by leaving less of a carbon footprint. It also helps local businesses thrive, because even though Niki Owl is global, we love to support local and help people grow where they are!

Email us for a quote on bulk order owl cards.

Your Design Partners in Joy & Creativity

We’d love to be your design partners in creative inspiration to send smiles around the world!

The origin of Niki Owl cards stems from when people started to ask Karin to make a card for someone they knew, and these cards always carried something unique to that person and their story. As an extension of that principle, we do the same for businesses looking to create something unique for their clients.

Here’s an example of one we made for our coffee roaster friends in Portland, with a little nod towards their support for the Portland Timbers…

At one point we created a batch of individual handmade cards for his coffee subscription clients to drop into their monthly coffee supplies as a cute surprise and “thank you” for being a loyal customer.

As you can see, there are lots of ways we can create a customised gifting and gratitude experience for you and yours.

We’ve shipped orders around the world for businesses wanting to thank their customer base or wish them happy holidays.

Email us for a quote on custom company owl cards.


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