Football Niki Owl

The perfect gift for your sporty owl lovers.

“The Beautiful Game” of football (“soccer” for some of you) is one of those universal languages that brings together people of all genders, ages, cultural backgrounds and socioeconomic situations. This universality is an important value for  Niki Owl.

The following football owls are examples of national and league teams created by Karin since her very first ones back in 1995 when she fell in love with the sport, and you can even see what a complete team looks like. You can order a football Niki Owl with the colours of your favourite team and start your collection. Find out how they’re made here.

Niki Owl Futbolista Selección Española
Spanish National Team 2015 Football Owl
Niki Sevillista
Sevilla FC Football Owl
Niki Verdiblanco
Real Betis Nki Football
Portland Thorns FC Niki Owl 2017
"Riveter Niki" Portland Thorns FC 2017
Portland Timbers Niki Owl 2017
"Timber Niki" Portland Timbers FC 2017
CANWNT WWC 2015 Football Owl
"Riveter Niki" Portland Thorns FC 2015
Regalo futbolista Niki Owl Portland Timbers
"Timber Niki" Portland Timbers FC 2015
CANWNT WWC 2015 Goalkeeper Owl
Liverpool FC 2017 Football Owl
Arsenal FC Niki Owl
Arsenal FC Football Owl
American Football Owl
Arizona State American Football Owl

100% handmade collectible, made in Spain with love.
Comes with its Certificate of Owlthenticity signed by Karin Pinter.
Each owl takes 3-5 days to make from start to finish and 24-48h to ship within Spain/Portugal (other countries a bit longer).
Price per owl €22.
Shipping costs vary based on destination (Spain/Portugal approx. €5-7, other countries quoted separately). Free pickup if you live in Carmona (Sevilla).