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Part spiritual and self-help wisdom, part adventure and part adorable, “niki owl: leap of faith,” by Karin Pinter is not only a great adult read, but can easily be shared with teens and children as well. Each chapter tells a short story with a spiritual lesson or belief weaved into it, allowing it to be read and digested easily for any age. Pinter titled each chapter after song titles, including Sheryl Crow’s “A Change Will Do You Good,” Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” and Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams,” and the book takes the reader on an adventure with the character Niki Owl, who migrates from his homeland of Spain to Vancouver, Canada.
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Elevated Existence Magazine  – Elmwood Park, NJ

The primary journey of this book is a character in a new place, making new friends, and discovering new things about himself. That’s fertile enough ground for a reader (especially, in my opinion, a teen who has just moved to a new town or has just moved from Jr. High into High School) to get some great insights about life and identity and community.
What sets this book apart, usually pretty covertly but sometimes openly, is the use of actual self-help methodologies in the character’s self-reflections and dialogues with others. The author’s background in this area clearly shows through, and leads the reader to ask some bigger questions of themselves, and of life, in the search for connection and purpose.
As the book ends, there’s definitely a “to be continued” feeling that might leave some people feeling a bit unresolved (those who like neat & tidy American endings, that is). Others will see that this too reflects life, and that more adventure is always what’s just around the corner.
Brennan Smith  – Newport News, VA

LEAP OF FAITH is a delightful read for children, adolescents and grownups. You’ll want to read it over and over again to be reminded of how magnificent you truly are and recognize that dreams do come true if you believe, if you have faith and if you say, “Yes,” to the Calls to Adventure.
Dare to take the Leap!
Pinter’s LEAP OF FAITH is a story for young and old, a never-ending tale of the joy, laughter, love, accomplishment, wisdom and evolution into our wholeness. Niki Owl awakens our inner owl-ness and points us to life truths that are engendered in our DNA—if only we look deep enough.
Linda Ross (Swanson) – Author of Wisdom Under the Bridge; The Prophets from Skid Row

What a wonderful read. The moral lessons present in your work reminded me of the fairy tales and folklore I read as a child. Stories like this aim to entertain and educate people through shared experiences. Niki Owl is a gem!
Megan Sheldon – Vancouver, BC

Niki Owl, Leap of Faith may, at first glance, be deemed a children’s book, but people of all ages will fall in love with this daring, delightful (and very funny) owl who sets out on the adventure of his life, and learns more than he ever imagined. I can’t wait for the sequel!
Wendy Taylor  – Culver City, CA

Niki Owl hold lots of little gems of wisdom for readers of all ages through his travels and interactions in Vancouver. The author’s portrayal and introduction of some of those life questions is playful, engaging, and an excellent way to introduce younger children to some topics otherwise difficult to start a discussion on.
The author takes you through Niki Owl’s thought provoking interactions and experiences in an easy to read, fun way. The book encourages you to think about what your perspectives on life are in a very relaxed manner.
Looking forward hear more about Niki’s travels.
Christina – London, UK

As I am from Vancouver, Karin did a remarkable job in capturing the true essences of Vancouver through Niki Owl’s many adventures with the other lovable characters. Each chapter holds a treasure that caters to all audiences, whether you are a child, youth or an adult. The life experiences Niki Owl learns along the way through his adventures in Vancouver are lessons we can all apply in our own lives. In my opinion ‘Niki Owl – Leap of Faith’ is the ‘Little Prince’ of our time.
Jennifer Singh – Vancouver, BC

I did the Embrace Your Inner Owl (workbook) and it REALLY helped! I love the way you guided me through the different directions and the questions were easy to understand. I did the Easy Hoots and felt the change. As often as I hear about just standing up and walking or changing brainwaves for one minute I never seem to remember in the moment! I now have a page full of book ideas and have them all mapped out! AND I drew my first picture of Teddy! 😀 Thank you!!
Leanne D. – North Vancouver, BC

Love the Inner Owl Flight Compass (workbook). Something we should all ask ourselves every day!
Joanne McCall – Portland, Oregon

I got the Niki Owl coloring book through a Goodreads Giveaway. I found it adorable. I really liked the illustrations and have recommended it to a friend.
Selina L. – Brooklyn, NY

The Niki Owl coloring book was a fun, affirming exercise. For the beginner in self-discovery, I think it is a great start. I’d say, “Start Here with Niki Owl and see where he leads you.”
Linda – US

I’ve loved Niki Owl since I first learned of this little character. I’m pretty practical and down to earth. Niki Owl is my kind of spiritual guide – smart, funny, wise, and not overly serious.
Cathryn Wellner – Kelowna, BC

Quite a sweet book that’s kept my daughter quiet for a while – she said she loves it; which is nice especially as the tablet has full charge and she’s not put the book down!
– A young reader’s mother in the UK