Meet Niki’s Partner in Creation, Karin Pinter

Karin Pinter & niki owl“What if I had my own cartoon character?”

That was the thought I had when I was a teenager growing up in southern Spain, as I started to dream about what my life could become…

That was 20+ years ago now, and Niki has evolved beyond a caricature. Soon after he came to life on a piece of paper on a coffee table, Niki also became a clay figurine and has since turned into a proud collectible item for people around the world. He is also the main character of several books now (one of my other Big Dreams).

As an avid Adventurer of Life, I love exploring cool places around the world, seeing stunning landscapes and engaging in inspiring conversations. All of these rich experiences guide the inspiration that is Niki Owl to help people actualise their dreams.

You’ll also find me giving talks and workshops on creativity and imagination, with my trusted co-pilot Niki by my side infusing them with his special blend of wisdom and fun.

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