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Meet Niki’s Partner in Creation, Karin Pinter

Karin Pinter & niki owl“What if I had my own cartoon character?”

That was the thought I had when I was a teenager growing up in southern Spain, as I started to dream about what my life could become…

That was 20+ years ago now, and Niki has evolved beyond a caricature. Soon after he came to life on a piece of paper on a coffee table, Niki also became a clay figurine and has since turned into a proud collectible item for people around the world. He is also the main character of several books now (one of my other Big Dreams).

As an avid Adventurer of Life, I love exploring cool places around the world, stunning landscapes and engaging in inspiring conversations. I’m also an avid football supporter (aka “soccer”) #BAONPDX and #AupaAtleti. All of these rich experiences guide the inspiration that is Niki Owl to help people actualize their dreams.

I also facilitate a so-called coaching space that I liken to that of a Dream Catcher.

Connect with Karin: