A creativity book for the kid in YOU, no matter how many candles you put on your birthday cake…

At the heart of life is creativity, a wonderful energy we all have within us.

Creativity isn’t just for little kids or artists though, and it doesn’t just mean painting, drawing, writing or playing an instrument.

Creativity means using the energy of creation in our everyday lives.

Creative thinking helps us innovate and improve our relationships, vocations, talents, communities and planet.

Creativity is the gift that keeps on giving!

No matter how many candles you put on your birthday cake, it’s important that you’re living in joy, and playing it forward through your unique expression of creativity and personal wisdom.

This book will help you fine tune your personal direction, and act on your dreams and ideas. There’s space to write, colour and draw your dreams into existence, whether it’s dreams that are waiting to be born or dreams that seek renewed inspiration.

With Niki Owl as your fun and faithful co-pilot on this creative journey, you’ll give free reign to your imagination as you discover key elements to follow your North and stay on course. Have fun!

This creativity book replaces the original Niki Owl colouring book from 2015, and is expanded with 8 new pages, extra space to write and draw, and colour texts.

Who is this book for?

This book was originally created for adults, although it’s also apt for teenagers who are looking for direction during this key sensitive time of their lives. It can also be great for kids under the guidance of an adult who can help them read it whilst developing their mental and artistic creative abilities. It’s a comfortable square size, fits perfectly in your laptop bag, provides great company on your desk, or if you’re huddled on a pillow at your coffee table.


For your best experience of this book, you’ll also want to pick up some cool colouring pencils.

Read the Niki Owl Book Reviews

“Quite a sweet book that’s kept my daughter quiet for a while – she said she loves it; which is nice especially as the tablet has full charge and she’s not put the book down!”
– A young reader’s mother in the UK

“As a photographer I use Instagram to get inspired by other photographers and to show my own portfolio. Hence, I do not often follow accounts that are not photography related. However, when I came across the Niki Owl account by Karin Pinter (@Karin.Pinter) I was instantly enchanted by this cute but very wise little owl. When I found out that Karin had put out this coloring book, I ordered the book without hesitation. Coloring brings out the child in you (which is a good thing!) and in case of Niki Owl you get some inspirational wisdom as well. I truly can recommend this book and as Niki likes to say: to help your dreams take flight and follow your north!”
– Vincent, the Netherlands

“This past December I bought this coloring book for my friends, family, and clients. I felt like I was giving a gift that would keep on giving. I gave a copy to my girlfriend and each of her daughters. They are using the book to work on their dreams and goals as a family. I also gave this to my nieces and nephew. My nephew said, “I love how Niki Owl is made of little marks of ink”. My nephew started to use this drawing technique in his art. He is ten years old. Many of the people I gave it to had been to Vancouver, BC, as they flipped through the pages, they said, “I have been here, where is this?, Oh, Vancouver, BC!” This book is full of wisdom and prompts for the user to start to dream, move, create, and transform. This one is a keeper and I will always have it on hand along with a set of color pencils to give as a gift. Thank you Karin for creating a product that brings love and a guide to possibility to the reader/user.”
– Stacey, Oregon

“One of the most powerful things an author can do for his or her audience is make the reader feel exhilaration! Make you feel alive again. And this colouring book does just that, it does it with beautiful images and a darling story. It doesn’t talk about fun, or happiness, or creativity, or innovation, it demonstrates it. It engages you to be a part of it. It brings out the artist in you. I strongly suggest every business person, CEO, author, or anyone with any profession at ANY AGE buy this book and dance among the pages. I invite you all to do that so that playful nature within you brings forth creativity and innovation. I always wondered why many adults left the playground and headed to the office, this is for the adults out there who still swing on the swings at the playground and look among the stars in wonder! I salute you! Thank you Karin for your genius!”
– Pam, Canada

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