25th Anniversary – Day 25

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Day 25 of 25 Celebrating my 25th Anniversary.

This is all Karin and I want to say today after this mini series of 25 days celebrating my 25th anniversary.
Some people say that where there is love, there is no need to express gratitude. But Karin and I feel that gratitude is also a way of showing how we value and appreciate someone. And we truly value and appreciate YOU for all that you have contributed to our growth during these first 25 years of my existence.
Thank you for all the love, ideas and inspiration you share with us every day.
Thank you for your enthusiasm, encouragement and support.
Thank you for including us in your world.
Thank you for helping our mission of Love, Joy and Imagination expand to every corner of people’s hearts that need more colour in their lives. Thank you for these 25 years and thank you for at least as many more creating inspiration for and around the world.
Thank you from the bottom of Karin’s heart and from my little owl heart.