25th Anniversary – Day 19

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Day 19 of 25 Celebrating my 25th Anniversary.

Football. Some people call it soccer. Where Karin and I come from it’s called football, or fútbol. It’s part of Spain’s sport culture and most of Europe. Karin grew up watching it and the first football owls she made were for her Dad, who spent time living in Madrid and would often watch games between the two main rivals Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid. She made this for his birthday in 1997. the rest of the owls you see are a special gift she made for the Canadian Women’s National Team, as a tribute to their hosting the Women’s World Cup in 2015, and the other owls are for Liverpool, tributes to the Portland Timbers, Portland Thorns, and Spanish rivals Sevilla vs Betis. Karin loves to make football owls because one thing Karin loves about the football world is how it unites people from all races, countries, genders and social standings. I would be so bold to say that football is a love language… what do you think?