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When Dreams Are Hatched

People often ask me how Niki Owl came to be, so I’d like to take you back in time (briefly) to when and why Niki came to life…

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“What if I had my own cartoon character?”

I had that thought as a teenager growing up in southern Spain, as I began to imagine what my life would become. That thought felt awesome.

Most kids experience this as they start to explore and express their uniqueness.

Do you remember those moments, and were you encouraged to BE You and live your dreams?

It was my love for our great classic cartoon characters – and the inspiration of my favorite cartoonists (Jim Davis, Charles M Schultz) for being able to make a living out of their creativity – that spawned this idea that I could have my own cartoon and make a living out of it.

So, the inspiration I call Niki Owl was “born” in 1995 and first appeared on handmade greeting cards I was making for friends and family. Then I started to shape Niki into clay figurines. Then I built the first Niki Owl website. And more recently, Niki became the main character of my first books (the very first one celebrates its 4th anniversary this week!).

Take a look at this cool visual Timeline we made to showcase these and more of Niki’s milestones so far.

And there’s a lot more to come from this big little owl!

BUT WAIT, what is Niki really “owl” about anyway?

Niki Owl gift of love

At the heart of the illustrations, figurines, books, and all the other Niki Owl creations is my constant desire to light up the world through the power of Love, Joy and Imagination.

These guiding principles inspired Niki Owl into existence, and they continue to inspire “kids” of all heights around the world to do what they love most, because this world is our playground, and this is why Niki Owl speaks to the kid in ALL of us.

This is the driving force that keeps me creating Niki in ways that reach more people, and not just on on a smaller scale like I used to as a teenager, but with others around the world who are inspired to carry the torch of what Niki represents.

And for this, I thank YOU for being here and for exploring your imagination through Niki Owl!

Big Love,

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