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Timber Niki

Timber Niki

HOO knew owls loved football so much??

Well, okay, this one in particular does. There has always been a strong association in my creativity between Niki Owl and football (aka “soccer”). Growing up in Spain, I watched this sport a lot, and started creating different Niki Owls for friends representing their favourite teams. My move to Portland later on in life was partially inspired by my interest in watching the local women’s team play because some of my favourite international players are on that team, and I’d heard so much about Portland’s football culture and community.

I was new to the area though getting familiar with the local football community. I was touched by how warm they are and how quickly I was welcomed. A few months after arriving, I was at a party hosted by a friend and fellow Portland Timbers supporter who happens to roast really good coffee.

During the party, I was pleasantly surprised to meet the illustrious Timber Jim of the Timbers Army, through whom the epic tradition of cutting slabs from a log every time the Portland Timbers score a home goal was created (among other traditions). Jim’s personal story is touching and powerful, and he has a huge heart.

Now, it was only natural for me to make some Niki Owls to represent both the men’s and women’s Portland teams to build on my football owls theme. It was also the year the Timbers won their first MLS Cup.

I had made a Portland Timbers tribute Niki Owl for my coffee roaster friend, and showed this to Timber Jim at the party. I told him about Niki Owl and my inspiration to create him, and later on in conversation, Jim named the owl “Timber Niki”. This felt like the “ultimate” blessing coming from him. I was honoured for this football Niki to be named by Jim (and so was Niki Owl of course).

Now, without further ado… meet Timber Niki!
(actual height = 4cm / 1.5in)

He loves his jersey. It reminds him of the deep green of the happy little tree tops he flies over around Oregon.

And as with everywhere he goes around the world, Niki loves to contribute to the local community. He’s curious to know how he can help the Portland soccer community. Got any ideas? He’d love to hear them!

To the Timbers supporters, Niki and I are looking forward to more adventures with you.

Thanks for owl the love, Soccer City USA.


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  1. I love this! It is fresh, inspired, and fun… Thank you, I will be following this.

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