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The Wisdom of Feelings

One of the things that always speaks to me about owls – besides their wisdom – is their ability to “see in the dark.” And by this I mean a deep, energetic awareness. A special kind of wisdom to see what others can’t see, and guide them through the darkness.

We need this guidance most when things feel dark.

I created Niki Owl as a beacon of Love, Joy and Imagination, and I know this is what’s needed most to support others during challenging times. At the core, Niki’s mission is to help you stay on point with your inner wisdom at any stage of life.

In Hawaii, a Kanaka Makua is considered to be a complete human being who is mature in every sense. Someone who, through personal self knowledge has developed mastery over each aspect of their life.

This card you see Niki Owl with was drawn from the “Journey to Kanaka MakuaTM – Rediscovering the Light of Island Wisdom” deck, created by Greg Scott.

wisdom of owls

I like to draw a card “at random” whenever I feel like I could use some extra guidance. Of course, the answers are never random.

This one came up today as I asked for some guidance after what turned out to be a very disheartening week for a lot of people (especially in the US), for whom their world suddenly felt darker.

“How can I help? How can Niki Owl help?”

The answer in the card was Wisdom. More specifically:

“Listen to your body. The answers will come from within. You can’t always answer questions logically. Quiet your mind and trust your gut.”

A lot of people have felt “punched in the gut”, and it’s no surprise because this is the solar plexus energy point of our body. It guides our perception of who we are, including our personal power and self esteem. Whenever we feel fear or fire within, it’s usually in this area of our bodies. So let’s pay attention to the decisions we’re making by focusing on how we feel when we make them. Is the decision expansive or is it fear-based?

A lot of people’s sense of self and safety has felt compromised, and they’re not sure what to do, or who to turn to. If they don’t trust themselves because they’re so emotionally shaken, how can we help?

Here are some suggestions that work very well…

  • We can hold our own inner stability to show them a way back to center, through breathing and mindfulness.
  • We can offer conversations and listen from the heart for what they really want, and help them tune back into Joy so they feel empowered again.
  • We can help them remember who they really are, not the fearful stories they’re telling themselves based on unknown outcomes. By doing this, they can access their inner wisdom more easily, and act from inspiration not desperation.

This is a call to higher action, for the greater good of all. It’s more than just holding your personal vibration as high as possible, it’s about extending yourself to others who ask for help. It’s about showing openness when others are closing down. It’s about expansion, not retraction. It’s about leading by example and with courage.

Courage is the willingness to confront uncertainty.

The word comes from the Old French corage, from Latin cor, which means ‘heart.’

If you’re reading this you’re one of those strong-hearted people who believes in a better life.

But if your feathers are feeling a little bit ruffled, please send me an email. I would love to help you find some creative ways to manage uncertainty with Niki Owl’s guidance.

My commitment is to keep creating from a place of inspiration, further fueled now by what I’ve seen. It shows me there is more awakening and strengthening work to be done, and I do it with honour. The more I can inspire people through the joyful creations and cartoons of Niki Owl, sprinkled with loving wisdom, the more I know I’m making an impact for a better, happier world. Because THAT is the world I choose to experience.

Will you do your part in creating a better world?

And will you share with me what you’re personally committing to, every day, to live like that?

With Love and Dedication,

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