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IT’S OFFICIAL: The Three Wise Monkeys Are Retiring!!

You know the story of the three wise monkeys, right?

Well, I recently had a conversation with them during which they told me they are retiring. WHAT?! Yes, you heard that right!

The wise monkeys have been observing me for some time now, and they love my mission to spread joy around the world so much they have decided to pass the baton to me. Effective immediately. I am SO honoured!! Oh my GOODNESS.

I expressed that, whilst I believe in the intentions of their saying, I feel strongly about the power of the energy behind the words we use, and wondered if it’s time to upgrade this saying to one that fully embodies our inherent creative power and being. They deliberated by themselves for a while, and finally accepted, asking me what I think the world needs going to forward. I took a deep breath and proposed:

“See Love, Hear Love, Speak Love.” (tweet this)

All three monkeys fell off the branch we were sitting on.

“Niki, that’s amazing!” said Iwazaru, the monkey who speaks no evil. They clambered up the tree again to sit with me as I pulled out a paper and pen so I could draw it out for them. Here it is for you to see and share with others:

Owl Print Three Wise Monkeys BW

And then I coloured it in because I LOVE colour in my life (don’t you?):

Owl Print Three Wise Owls colour

My feathers are still tingling from this experience, and I’m SO grateful and appreciative of this opportunity to support future generations. Will you help me spread these important words? Share this blog post with your friends and family (social media links below), and let’s change the world one thought at a time!!

By the way, both of these are available as owl prints and canvas art (just click on your preferred image above).

Love & Hoots and THANK YOU!


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