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The Espresso Owl

The Espresso Owl

This is a custom espresso owl I made for one of my friends who is in the coffee business… Tyler Venter is one of the Geniuses behind Spur Coffee, a delightful espresso bar located in the cute and cosy downtown Littleton (near Denver), Colorado. I just love Tyler’s creativity behind the espresso machine. He’s a joy to engage with and a Genius at what he does. To boot, he is an EXCELLENT musician!!

Here are some photos of me with and without a hat, which is Tyler’s signature “brand” and then Tyler with his “mini me” owl!!

Spur Coffee Owl

Espresso Owl

Spur Coffee Espresso Owl

Spur Espresso Owl

Tyler Venter with Niki Owl

Come find me sitting on the top shelf at Spur Coffee for a hoot AND great coffee!!


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