The Easter Egg Hunt Game

The Easter Egg Hunt game consists of painting and decorating eggs and hiding them in the garden or house for the kids to find. You can also buy chocolate versions, or use this Niki Owl Easter colouring page we’ve created for you. 

Easter Eggs are part of an old tradition, which began in northern Europe and has since been exported to many countries around the world. During the Middle Ages, Easter Eggs were gifted to loved ones during Spring. Over time, this became a game that is known today as the Easter Egg Hunt.

Although many people know this as a Christian festivity, it is believed that Easter has earlier roots, although with the arrival of Christianity in Europe during the 15th Century, its association was maintained; the egg, symbol of life, eventually came to represent the resurrection of Christ. Today, Easter is a celebration of His resurrection and marks the last day of Lent. You can explore its origins if you like, as there are various theories.

Regarding the Easter Bunny – who is a good friend of Niki’s and is not present in this colouring page since he was busy hiding the Easter Eggs for Niki to find – we’re still not 100% certain of his origins, although as soon as we find out we’ll be sure to tell you. Meanwhile, we encourage you to enjoy some quality time creating consciously on Easter Sunday with friends and family.

Back to the Easter Egg Hunt game…

How to clean out the eggs:

This part is best done by adults. To empty out the eggs, take a pin and poke a small hole at the top of the egg, then poke a slightly larger hole at the bottom so the egg white and yolk can spill out. We suggest you put a bowl underneath so you can catch what comes out and use it to make something fun like brownies, cookies, frittata or anything else you fancy. This way the everything gets used and enjoyed together!

Decorating the Easter Eggs:

You can decorate them with all sorts of colours and designs, like a sun, stars, dots, stripes, flowers since it’s Spring time… this is a small space on which to let loose your creativity.

They can be painted with natural food colouring, watercolours, felt tip pens, or even stickers. Decorating your Easter Eggs can be a fun way to spend quality time together as a family or with friends.

And now, let’s play!

When the eggs are dry, one of you can hide them so the kids (and any adults that feel inspired) can seek them out.

If you’re out of eggs or the stores are closed, here’s our version to colour in and cut out, which can be just as fun if not more helpful and instructive for the little ones.