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St Nicholas Day and… What’s in a Name

At some point in your life you’ve probably wondered why you’ve got the name you’ve got. You may have even looked up the meaning of your name and discovered some cool things about yourself.

When I created Niki Owl in 1995, he had no name. He was just the owl. “My” owl.

It wasn’t until 1999 that I received his name after meeting several people within a short time frame that were called Nicholas, and I recognized this as a tap on the shoulders to give the owl its name. Nicholas felt too long, so I opted to simplify it to just Niki.

But there was always a deeper rooted message I hadn’t heard until recently, and I’d like to share this with you today. You see, it all started with a tradition and one of our deepest rooted philosophies of life…

In Spain, when you give someone an owl token, we call it “el búho de la suerte” (the lucky owl) as a way to foster good fortune and protection.

We know that owls are seen as guardians and bearers of wisdom. And what wonderful gifts they are, because Niki Owl was born as a way to help people tune into their inner wisdom, expanding love, joy and imagination in our world. Essentially, the gift that keeps on giving.

Niki has always embodied gifting both as a tradition and as a philosophy of life.

As Tony Robbins likes to say – The secret to living is giving.

Why? Because giving is an expression of love. An expansion of our self to others. A meeting of hearts and souls. A way to move life forward.

And today, December 6th, is a very special day for this. Today is St Nicholas Day, essentially, Niki Owl’s namesake, in word and in spirit.

St. Nicholas was the bringer of gifts, and over time came to be known as the protector of children.

Practically everything I create with Niki Owl always contains an element of nurturing the kid in all of us – the purity of our essence that brings meaning to our lives. It contains the essence of love, joy and imagination which is what makes people come alive and transform our world for the better.

It’s taken me several journeys around the world and several inner journeys to discover and express what it is that Niki Owl “does” for the world. What the contribution is. Why people should care that this creation exists, and why they should feel inspired to share it.

The answer is simple:

Niki Owl exists to help people keep their inner kid alive, and bring their love, joy and imagination to the world for a happier evolution of humanity.

This means that Niki Owl is for the kid in you too.

And gifting Niki Owl to others means gifting awareness, love, joy and imagination – the core qualities of humanity’s evolution and harmony. Inspiring personal and collective victory over any challenges we may face at any stage in life.

FUN FACT: Do you know the meaning of the name Nicholas? It means “the victory of the people.”

I want to be clear though – Niki Owl represents conscious gifting – waaaaay different to the wasteful gifting so many people are turning away from. That’s why you only find Niki Owl creations that help build meaning and purpose in our lives. Tokens of love, joy and imagination.

Give the gift of Niki Owl, today and any other day of the year. Because generosity of spirit is an every day thing.

With Love and Gratitude,

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