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Shipping Terms & Conditions

Where We Ship To

Our online store is currently set up to fly ship owls to registered US addresses only, because winter is coming and we don’t want them flying too far as it gets colder. If you live in Canada or farther overseas, we can provide extra blankets to keep them warm, so please email us for special shipping rates. Thank you for understanding; your owls appreciate this very much and we’d love to send you a Niki Owl too!


You can currently purchase 1 to 2 owls per order (and one of each at that). This is because we want to make sure that your owls are given the best attention from hatching to dispatching. We hope to open this up soon to more items per order as we expand our nesting space for more of them to hatch.

Hatching & Dispatching Timelines

Individual owls usually take 3-5 days to make and therefore ship within 7-10 days from the date you placed your order. This timeline may vary around the holiday season and other special celebrations. After reviewing the details and the level of customization of your order, we will let you know when to expect your owl delivery.

Handmade cards usually ship within 3 days of your order unless we need more time to confirm a design with you.

Typically we ship via USPS or UPS, depending on the best options available for your package and location. We reserve the right to modify our shipping rates as and when our carriers do the same. If you’re on our mailing list, we’ll notify you of upcoming shipping rate changes before we make them.

Our Environmental Commitment

We do our best to pack and ship your owls in the most eco-friendly materials (like cardboard and biodegradable materials), so they will either be recycled or be recyclable in some way. We continually seek to continually evolve our design and packaging materials to make this world a cleaner place (so if you find something that can work better for us, let us know!). Please make sure you do your part and recycle the packaging your owls arrive in, so we can continue to improve our environment together. Thank you!

Damaged Items

We do our best to package your gift so it reaches you in one piece. However, if an item reaches you damaged, please notify us immediately. Take pictures of what the package looked like upon delivery, and what the item looks like inside. If somebody played soccer with your package before it got to you and we can claim insurance for this we will, and if it’s something we think we can fix, we’ll arrange with you to have the item returned to us, repaired, and sent back to you. Please do not try to mess with us on this one – we like to be honest and trust that you are too. If you accidentally broke it, be honest, and we’ll consider the same policy so you have a happy owl. We take great care in our handmade gifts, and we hope you do too. Please let us know how they fair over time as well, since they are handmade and your feedback is precious to us to improve the overall product. Thank you!


Say what? We’ve never had any. People love Niki Owl gifts that we make directly for them or as custom orders for their friends and loved ones. However, we understand that sometimes gifts need to be passed onto other hands… If you’re really not happy with your owl, please consider gifting him forward to someone who will appreciate it. If you really want to return it to us because you’d rather not see it go to a landfill, please email us for for the best address to send it to (shipping costs are on you though). We’ll make sure he finds a happy new home, or we’ll keep him for the Niki Owl Museum (because we’ll have one!).

The Original Niki Owl

Our handmade gifts and handmade cards are currently available only through this website. An original handmade Niki Owl gift will ALWAYS be shipped with a signed and dated Certificate of Owlthenticitytm. Whilst we have some partnerships with online retailers for other merchandise and print replicas, if you see a Niki Owl figurine at a store or elsewhere, please notify us immediately! It may not be an original Niki Owl and we need to know. Thank you for looking out for us! We’ll also keep you informed via our newsletters and website when we have partnerships to make Niki Owl available to you through other retailers and stores.

If you have any other questions about shopping for Niki Owl gifts, please email us! We want to make this experience as easy and enjoyable for you as it is for us to make your owls!