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Sending Online Greeting Cards

One of the things I always envisioned for Niki Owl was to have a way to send greeting cards online. It was one of my first curiosities when I started building websites back in 1999, specifically for the first version of It stemmed from a vision I had of making all my handmade greeting card designs available to others to send via email, for speed, ease, and to reduce impact on the environment.

Back then, some of the big brand greeting card companies provided this service through their websites. It was kind of clunky, and it was all based on their hired designs. There was nothing really customised for us entrepreneurial people or artists who wanted to post our own designs and do this easily.

So it was something that I’ve kept “on the wish list” for some time for Niki Owl. And whilst it’s not the most immediate thing on the list to build into the website at this time, it doesn’t mean we can’t partner with others who are highly specialised in this kind of service, like Paperless Post. After all, some of the best business models are built around strong strategic partnerships.

Niki Owl “started” as a greeting card character, so it’s only natural to have this as an option. But first, there’s always that research phase to see what’s available and determine whether to further invest time and resources. I can happily say that so far, I’m enjoying the experience of sending online greeting cards to friends, customers and colleagues through Paperless Post. If you’re looking to send cards – online or printed – you’ll find some gems whether you’re looking forĀ birthday cards, invitations or thank you notes. You can upload your own designs, or choose from a classy, elegant and inspiring array of designs.

For now, I’ll be using Paperless Post to send cards to our customers and friends, and we’ll see what else the future holds!

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PS: ThisĀ post was published in partnership with Paperless Post, because they’re awesome and we like what they’ve got going.

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