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Save a Kid’s Life

Save a Kid’s Life

I’m going to get straight to the point.

If we don’t make time as adults to ensure that our kids, our friends’ kids and any kids we interact with are given the love, support and encouragement they need to grow into healthy, happy and fulfilled adults who feel they can have the life they dream of, then they’re going to grow up as non-believers of dreams, doubters of their abilities, and skeptical of a life well lived. Those kids grow up to feel they’re not deserving of a beautiful life. It’s a very sad and painful existence.

It hurts my heart to see this in anyone. Especially when someone has convinced themselves that they do not deserve a better life, because someone they looked to for guidance as a kid didn’t have the conscience, capacity or caring to be present to their dreams. This HAS to change.

Never be so caught up in whatever you think needs to be done that you’re not caring for the people in your inner circle. Ever.

Never tell anyone they can’t dream.

Never tell anyone they can’t aspire to something.

Never tell anyone they can’t have what they say they want (unless it’s really unhealthy).

Never let your own limitations get in the way of someone else’s dreams.

This is why it’s important to me that the Niki Owl coloring book be put in the hands of as many people as possible. It’s not just any coloring book, it’s purpose is to inspire and engage the reader as they color in their own life with Niki Owl as their guide. Reminding them of their strengths, their qualities, and helping recover their love for life itself.

niki owl coloring book for adultsWILL YOU HELP ME? Will you be the giver of Love, Joy and Imagination to someone you know is in desperate need of this kind of support?

Whether they’re 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, or beyond, please pick up a copy of this coloring book and make sure someone gets the chance to re-kindle their love for life.

Save a kid’s life, no matter what “age” they are.

Eternally grateful,

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