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An OWL-inclusive Season’s Greetings Owl Card

Hello owl lovers! It’s Karin here with a special update for you.

A friend recently asked me to design a non-denominational greeting card for her family’s holiday celebrations, I dove in with the anticipation of what this would look like. She literally painted the picture for me, “We celebrate by having a Christmas tree with a Star of David on top, a menorah in the window, and… we all like owls.”

niki owl to me is an Ambassador of Free Thinking and Good Will. Even when I created his first handmade owl cards as a teenager – which were typically commissioned by friends and people in my community – they spanned a variety of themes. One of the greatest times was the Christmas season!! This was based on the family tradition I grew up with and relate to most. However, having friends all around the world from different walks of life, I wanted to be able to share niki owl with them too. I appreciate learning about other cultures and their celebrations. Especially how we all relate to this marvel of a creation we live in!

With this in mind, and inspired by my friend’s request, niki and I created an expansive December greeting card. I trust you’ll find the humor and connection in this new design, and spot the various references. Here’s niki checking out the design just after I finished it:

@nikiowl christmas owl card © Karin Pinter

Cute, right?

You can purchase cards individually or in packs of 10 & 20 right here!

It’s also available as an owl print here.

niki is owl about keeping an open mind, embracing diversity, and remembering that we are all seeking the same thing no matter which traditions or cultures we abide by:

We’re OWL for LOVE.

niki owl’s mission is to share love and joy with the world, so here’s to that!

Wishing you and yours the most OWL-inclusive holiday season, wherever you are in the world and however you choose to celebrate.

Karin & niki

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