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It’s Time to Find Your North!

Ever since I embarked on my book journey, I’ve had the opportunity to hear such rich stories about where you are in your lives, how you got there, and what your hearts desire for the future.

However, some of you have been feeling stuck. And I know that feeling too!

You see, owls sometimes get a bit lost finding their way through life as well. Our sense of intuition can get skewed these days with the “noise” that’s floating through the air waves, and how climate changes have modified some migration routes.

Some of you find it challenging to tune into your inner owls too, because we’re all sensitive to energy and the distractions that often keep us from simply being, at peace, and in love.

One of the ways that helped me find my north, was to recalibrate my internal flight compass. I took a good look at what I wanted, what I felt was slowing me down, and started building some easy steps to move towards my north. It helped me see through the distractions, and truly embrace my inner owl. It’s working so well, I decided to make the Flight Compass workbook for you to embrace yours, because we’re owl wise like that.


Besides the fun exercises to help you find your north, it includes an excerpt from my book, “niki owl, leap of faith” and some other inspirational messages.

Download your FREE copy here, and have hoots of fun with it!

I would love to know how it’s working for you.

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With Love & Hoots,


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