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If This World Seems Polarised At Times…

It seems like people are in a scramble lately, especially with a lot of the political goings-on around the world. The only scramble we like is with our toast!

Whilst Niki Owl and I like to steer clear of politics, we do want to remind you that we’re all in this together. Let me share with you “how we roll” in Niki Owl’s Universe…

We stand for Love, Joy and Imagination.

We envision a healthy world where we all live and play well together, learning as we freely explore this magnificent planet.

We care deeply about all of us nourishing our personal awareness and living in harmony with one another, no matter our cultural, spiritual or ethnic origins.

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We believe that the more each one of us focuses on our personal joy, the more we as a whole can contribute to a better world for everyone.

In that spirit, we encourage you to be the best version of yourself.


We see so much good in this world, and the more we focus on it, the better things get for OWL of us!

How to Create Harmony in a Polarized Environment:

If you experience polarization with someone in your family, circle of influence, or even a stranger, ask yourself AND them, “What are some of the positive aspects of life we can agree on?”

Can you find common ground, and do so from a place of love and joy for your fellow human beings?

At the heart of any discussion there are always common desires – is there a willingness on both sides to put ego aside, find this shared desire and work towards it?

We know it’s in every one of us to live from this place, and to move through seemingly impossible differences, creating harmony together. This is our encouragement for YOU to do your part.

Stay true to what’s in your heart, and together we’ll make this world a happier place.

Big Love,

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