How owls help create good luck

Niki luck owl cartoon

In general, owls are seen as symbols of good luck, and people around the world gift each other with owl-related objects and amulets to attract good luck.

Some people believe that luck has a lot to do with chance, and if things don’t work out for them, “Well, it was just bad luck.” This is because they may not be aware of how to create their own luck and discover how things may work better for them.

¿What is self made luck?

Self-made luck is having a dream or vision and taking the steps for it to come to life. Things won’t typically fall from the sky for us if we don’t do our part to reach them. In fact, a lot of times they turn out differently to what we had imagined, simply because it may be better that way. By not holding onto a specific result, we can let ourselves be pleasantly surprised by life. 

We see things in a different way, with a more open mind that gives us perspective and helps us see and feel things that we couldn’t before. This is self-made luck, because we are creating the optimal conditions inside and outside of ourselves so we can meet those dreams or visions, finding our flow among intuition, signs, opportunities and concerted effort. The beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and actions that lead us closer to what we wish for.

How to create your own luck…

Self-made luck is nothing more than having a vision and aligning yourself with thoughts and actions that will help you fulfil it. It often appears as though some people have good luck from one day to the next, but it’s because they have been preparing themselves for some time until everything aligns itself to achieve a desired outcome. Think of athletes, artists, musicians, writers, business owners… we have examples everywhere of people creating their “luck” through conscious effort.

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