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Fun Owl Stuff!

We’re constantly creating fun owl stuff for you! To get you started, dive into these free downloads:

Owl Coloring Pages

For the kid in you! Niki Owl coloring pages are fun for adults and kids to use.

Guía para Crear tus Sueños en la Noche de San Juan.

Owl Stories

Santa’s Helpers – A Niki Owl Christmas Story

Santa's Helpers, A Niki Owl Christmas StoryFor many years, we’ve been led to believe that the only helpers working with Santa are Christmas elves. They make all the toys and wrap the presents, this is true. Yet their focus is limited to curating everyone’s gifts for the year. Do you still wonder how Santa manages to deliver our presents on time, no matter where we live in the world, come rain or shine? Well, so did we! The story of Santa’s helpers is missing one key truth. And Niki Owl knows what it is!

Download the PDF here to find out!

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