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Spot the Owl – Niki’s FIRST Comic!

Spot the Owl – Niki’s FIRST Comic!

Having Niki Owl featured as a cartoon was one of my earliest dreams. All those hours as a kid pouring over my favourite cartoon strips – Garfield, Snoopy, Dennis the Menace… imagining my own cartoon being published, and it’s finally happened!

The back story:

The Green Living Journal is a quarterly publication that with a focus on energy, health, and the environment for mindful living. And you know Niki is OWL about that!!

I met Susan and Gary Munkhoff about a year ago, through my friend Linda. They own and operate the Portland edition of The Green Living Journal, and they all fell in love with Niki. We finally got together a few months ago to feature a cartoon in their magazine. I’m really excited about sharing Niki Owl with Green Living Journal‘s readers AND with YOU!

The topic of the Fall 2016 edition focuses on Preserving and Conserving, which inspired our first feature Niki Owl cartoon. Here it is!


Download a digital copy of the magazine and read more about how YOU can preserve and conserve for a better world!

Just so you know, the magazine is also available in print, which you can receive via subscription, or find at over 600 locations in Oregon and Washington. If you live in the area or have friends in the area, please share this with them!

And have fun spotting the owl!!


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