Ducati Panigale Drawing

This Ducati Panigale drawing was created for a friend whose dream is to own one of these “toys” (as I like to call fast cars, bikes and other such things). It’s one of my ways of encouraging him to move towards his dreams, while I get to be purposefully creative with Niki Owl.

Here’s a photo by photo of my “work” flow from start to finish:

Bless the inter-webs for having a slew of images available for me to pool from. Girl’s got skills, but photos really help with high precision stuff like this!

ducati panigale drawing initial sketch

I almost always start with a pencil drawing, especially with such a highly detailed, highly specific drawing like this. Then I go over with the pens.
TRIVIA Q: Which of these little owls disappears in the next photo?

ducati panigale drawing pencil illustration

ducati panigale drawing initial pen outlines

Voila, pen outlines done. And Chief Entertainment Officer Niki Owl checking out the project…

ducati panigale drawing pen illustration

You can see the full photo and my colour progressions, while I watch the Singapore F1 race 

colouring in the niki owl ducati panigale drawing

Almost there!

And done! Whaddaya think?

Ducate Panigale Drawing final illustration

And here’s the comparison:

Got something you’d like me to draw with Niki Owl on it? Email me your requests.