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Dare to CREATE Your Dreams

What a great start to the year!

I’ve been talking to so many people around the world asking about their goals and aspirations, and the general consensus is this:

“I want to improve my life.”

For a lot of people this means having better relationships, improving their fitness, travelling, and enjoying life more. You might have similar desires, and I commend you for them and any others you have. The realization of dreams is at the core of what Niki Owl stands for.

Here’s the thing;

Anyone can dream. It’s daring to CREATE the dream that really makes a difference. (tweet this)

You see, it’s easy to dream and talk about these things, but… what are you willing to do about your dreams?

There’s a difference between knowing what you want, and actually living it. There is a difference between the idea of change and the actions required for change to happen.

A lot of people have dreams they like to talk about, but never take action on. There are as many “reasons” why they don’t do this as there are stars in the sky. However… no dream ever came to life by sitting around simply wishing it into existence. Beyond the wish, it required some sort of action, and probably help from others.

Now, if your feathers have been feeling a little ruffled in that department, we’ll take care of that right now. Let’s look at some inspirational examples…

niki owl soccer

How do World Class athletes hone their skills and talents? Simple. They train every day. They nourish their bodies appropriately every day. They feed their minds with the right thoughts and strategies to help them improve, every day. They surround themselves with people who can help them be better people, and do better at their craft. They have a vision of where they’d like to be, and they go for it, day after day.

You may not be or consider yourself to be an athlete, but a dream requires this same kind of attention to come to fruition, whatever that dream may be. And it starts with your belief in its possibility. In order to come alive, a dream needs:

– vision and dedication (know where you’re going)
– the proper nourishment of mind, body and heart (have the best “fuel” to see it through, mentally, physically and emotionally)
– actions and goals to work towards (have progress checks in place)

When you look at it this way, any dream becomes far more possible to realize. And we’re here to help you create your dreams!

Dare to create YOUR dreams, every day.


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