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Timber Niki

HOO knew owls loved football so much?? Well, okay, this one in particular does. There has always been a strong association in my creativity between Niki Owl and football (aka “soccer”). Growing up in Spain, I watched this sport a lot, and started creating different Niki Owls for friends representing…

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Dare to CREATE Your Dreams

What a great start to the year! I’ve been talking to so many people around the world asking about their goals and aspirations, and the general consensus is this: “I want to improve my life.” For a lot of people this means having better relationships, improving their fitness, travelling, and enjoying…

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Start with Love & Joy

Happy New Year! Niki Owl and I would like to send you some big hugs. It’s one of the best ways we know to start any day. As we start this new year, we’re making a stronger commitment to starting every day with Love and Joy, because we believe this…

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Save a Kid’s Life

I’m going to get straight to the point. If we don’t make time as adults to ensure that our kids, our friends’ kids and any kids we interact with are given the love, support and encouragement they need to grow into healthy, happy and fulfilled adults who feel they can have…

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The Wisdom of Feelings

One of the things that always speaks to me about owls – besides their wisdom – is their ability to “see in the dark.” And by this I mean a deep, energetic awareness. A special kind of wisdom to see what others can’t see, and guide them through the darkness.…

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When Dreams Are Hatched

People often ask me how Niki Owl came to be, so I’d like to take you back in time (briefly) to when and why Niki came to life… “What if I had my own cartoon character?” I had that thought as a teenager growing up in southern Spain, as I…

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