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A Niki Owl Creativity Book for the Kid in You

Hi friends!

I’m so happy to announce the launch of a new book for you! It’s an updated version of the first coloring book for adults, with additional pages and some colourful updates.

It’s a creativity book for the kid in YOU, no matter how many candles you put on your birthday cake. Remember, creativity isn’t just for little kids or artists, and it doesn’t just mean painting, drawing, writing or playing an instrument.

Creativity means using the energy of creation in our everyday lives. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

The Niki Owl creativity book comes out on December 6th, although you can pre-order now and receive your copies in time for your conscious gift-giving these holidays.

This book will help you fine tune your personal direction, and act on your dreams and ideas. There’s space to write, colour and draw your dreams into existence, whether it’s dreams that are waiting to be born or dreams that seek renewed inspiration!

Pre-order links below by region:

Canada: Indigo/Chapters (link coming soon) – Amazon
US: Amazon – Barnes & Noble
Europe: Amazon
UK: Amazon
Australia: Amazon

For your best experience of this book, you’ll also want to pick up some cool coloring pencils.

This book is apt for pre-teens, teenagers and so-called ‘adults’. It’s a comfortable square size, fits perfectly in your laptop bag, provides great company on your desk, or if you’re huddled on a pillow at your coffee table.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside…

Why does the creativity book come out on December 6th? Well, that’s St Nicholas Day!! St Nicholas is the protector of children (and sailors – great adventurers!). And my name is short for Nicholas, which is my namesake. December 6 is also a special day in Spain, the country where I was born. So I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate them all together!

Love & Hoots,


PS here’s a review from someone who purchased the original version…

“This past December I bought this coloring book for my friends, family, and clients. I felt like I was giving a gift that would keep on giving. I gave a copy to my girlfriend and each of her daughters. They are using the book to work on their dreams and goals as a family… Many of the people I gave it to had been to Vancouver, BC, as they flipped through the pages, they said, “I have been here, where is this?, Oh, Vancouver, BC!” This book is full of wisdom and prompts for the user to start to dream, move, create, and transform. This one is a keeper and I will always have it on hand along with a set of color pencils to give as a gift. Thank you Karin for creating a product that brings love and a guide to possibility to the reader/user.”
– Stacey, Oregon

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