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A Day at the Coffee Roasters!

A Day at the Coffee Roasters!

Hello my Coffee-Loving Owl Friends!!

I had a DELIGHTFUL time visiting local coffee roaster Tim Howard of Blind Coffee Roasters in Milwaukie, Oregon.

You see, I’ve made my Portland my home now. Besides loving the fall leaves floating through the sky, and the fresh crisp morning air of the Pacific North West, I LOVE the appreciation for good coffee that’s palpable in this city.

I had a hoot of an afternoon with Tim as he showed me the art, science and pure awesomeness of roasting coffee. He said I’m a good rookie! Whoo knew owls could roast coffee too, eh?

Tim is also a huge soccer fan like me (as you can see from this Portland Timbers sticker on his coffee roaster), so we got along swimmingly!!

Blind Coffee Roasters featuring Portland Timbers

Here are the coffee beans cooling off after they’ve been roasted… I’m sure I heard them saying, “Oh-oh-oh it was really hot in there!!” as they jumped out of the drum.

Coffee roasting process

You can practically smell the freshly roasted coffee beans from these photos, can’t you??!!

And here’s what coffee beans look like before they get roasted (on the right), and after they’ve been roasted (on the left). Huge difference isn’t it? Not just the look but the smell too! As Tim likes to say, “Coffee is all about the taste and smell,” and he’s so right!

Before and after coffee roasting process

Aren’t you just itching to get a pound or several now?? When you do, be sure to let Tim know that I sent you!

Big Love to you my fellow coffee owls!



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