25th Anniversary – Day 21

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Day 21 of 25 Celebrating my 25th Anniversary.

Friends; one of the best ingredients we can have in our lives, right?
In the beginning, there was just me. With time though, Karin started to create some friends for me. She wrote some of these new friends as characters in her first novel, “Niki Owl Leap of Faith,” like other owls, bears, a seagull and even a very peculiar mollusk. But it wasn’t until a few years after that Karin started to draw new friends for me.
First is my best friend Bear, the polar bear, with whom I love to travel around the world and enjoy coffee with anywhere there is a great view or great museums. Bear loves things that start with C and end with E, like coffee, cake and chocolate.
Second is Diego, the dragon. He loves to read and is very sensitive. He loves flowers and gardening, and playtime at the beach.
You’ll be seeing more of my friends Bear and Diego as our adventures pick up again soon. For now, I hope you’re having fun with your friends wherever you are!