25th Anniversary – Day 16

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Day 16 of 25 Celebrating my 25th Anniversary.

Karin discovered the world of personal development in a coaching program she took in Malibu, California. It helped her envision her future and dreams she’d kept on hold. Karin re-connected with that part of her that always wanted to write books and turn me into something more than just a gift for her close circle of people. This path that led her to shift from her SEO career into writing and coaching as a means to help people from the inside out, and finally, integrated me in her coaching tools and books. Karin wanted to create something that would connect imagination, emotions and goal development, and this became a creativity book for kids and adults to discover or reinforce their own dreams and life goals, Since its publication in 2015, this book has been used around the world both by individuals as well as companies in their team development.