25th Anniversary – Day 15

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Day 15 of 25 Celebrating my 25th Anniversary.

Creation means exploring what’s beyond our comfort zone. And when Karin started drawing me she always drew me quite small. When a neighbour gave her a large canvas and she had the inspiration to draw a large version of me on it, she realised, “This is the biggest Niki I’ve ever drawn or painted,” and she got overwhelmed for a while. It may seem silly to some people, but any person who ever created anything (artist or not) goes through this same thing… stretching beyond their limitations. This was a next level creative expansion for Karin, and it’s a testament to how an artist “grows” through their art.

Karin sat staring at the canvas for a few weeks debating whether to paint a black on white outline of me, or go full colour. Then inspiration hit her after watching the Spanish national men’s football team win their third international title in a row, and she got to work. It took her eight hours with a few short breaks in between to finish it right before midnight that 1st of July 2012.