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The Real Purpose of Gift Giving…

Hey there!

It’s Karin writing today and I have a special message to share with you (Niki is in his very cozy tree-top office drawing some new cartoons).

When I was a little girl my parents encouraged me to explore my creativity with great freedom, which is essentially how I created Niki Owl. I’m so thankful to them for letting me BE myself.

This is the REAL purpose we all aspire to in life – to BE who we Are, without filters, limitations or judgments. So we can DO what we love most, and make a positive impact in this world.

This is precisely why I’m so dedicated to helping others feel fulfilled with their life’s purpose. Mine is to inspire the joy that’s within everyone, so we can all make this world a VERY joyful place. One of the ways I do this is by making Niki Owl.

I am here to make lively creations with the same sense of purpose, joy, fulfillment and uplifting spirit that I’ve carried with me throughout my whole life. It’s a huge honour for me when you (and anybody else) buy a Niki Owl gift, book, card, place a custom order for a handmade owl, and share Niki with the people in your world. By doing so, you recognize my Happy Place, and I get to share it with you in so many ways that impact our loved ones TOGETHER to inspire all of us to be in our Happy Place. I think this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you. What a gift.

Speaking of gifts, I love the season we’re in because it creates a special kind of momentum that we all get to enjoy as a global community. I believe that no matter where we come from, we all desire to experience LOVE and JOY.

To me, the best gift is a shared experience, which can include material things that contain meaning and purpose. It’s a value that was instilled in me since childhood and grew from our family’s sense of conscious gift-giving. For me it’s always been a question of, “What will make this person light up inside?”

To see the joy light up in someone when they receive a Niki Owl is an absolutely amazing feeling for me.

This is the real purpose of gift-giving. It creates a beautiful cycle of FEELING GOOD.

This Santa Niki Owl that I made in 1998 has become one of my family’s traditional Christmas decorations:

Santa Niki Owl on Sled

When I’m not there in person, I’m still “there” with my family because Niki Owl is present. Niki is an extension of someone caring about you, and you caring about them. A beacon of joy beaming love from your shelf or fireplace. 

I would LOVE for you to help me grow this tradition of conscious gift-giving with Niki Owl for the holidays, especially with you and yours.

So, we have some special Niki Owl gifts for you to share:

– The Niki Owl Coloring Book, designed to help you and yours create a life you love by design. You can place your order for special sets of autographed copies by this Monday November 30 to receive them in time for you to gift forward, or you can buy them from your favourite retailers.

– My first book, Niki Owl Leap of Faith book – a quick, great holiday read filled with adventure and worldly insights. And brownies.

– Niki Owl holiday cards and seasonal gifts (put Niki on your tree and start a new tradition!).

– I’m also taking custom orders for unique handmade owl gifts, and I would be delighted to make one for you (see some previous custom owls here). Simply reply to this email to let me know what you’d like me to create, and we’ll make it happen.

Let’s make this season truly exceptional for owl of us.
Let’s give the gift of JOY with Niki Owl, together!!

Big Love and HUGE Thanks,

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