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Niki Owl Leap of Faith – The Coloring Book

niki owl coloring book for adults

A Niki Owl Coloring Book… for the kid in YOU.

Embark on an inspirational colouring adventure with Niki Owl! Featuring quotes and illustration prompts, you’ll soon re-discover the magic and joy of unbridled IMAGINATION.

With Niki as our guide, we’ll go on a journey together to remember what it’s like to ignite our joy, imagination, and love our time on this planet.

The illustrations in this book originally appeared in the book, “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith” and showcase some of the lovely sights you’ll encounter in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, so if you’ve been there you’ll know what they are! And if you haven’t been yet, perhaps this will inspire you to visit. You’ll also find some exclusive illustrations that didn’t go into the final version of “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith”.

Check out some sample pages of the Niki Owl coloring book:

niki owl coloring book sample 01

niki owl coloring book sample 02

Where to Buy “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith – The Coloring Book”:

Canada: Chapters

A percentage of profit from sales of this coloring book go to this specific UNICEF Dreams for Life fund. Thank you!

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Read the Niki Owl Book Reviews

“One of the most powerful things an author can do for his or her audience is make the reader feel exhilaration! Make you feel alive again. And this colouring book does just that, it does it with beautiful images and a darling story. It doesn’t talk about fun, or happiness, or creativity, or innovation, it demonstrates it. It engages you to be a part of it. It brings out the artist in you. I strongly suggest every business person, CEO, author, or anyone with any profession at ANY AGE buy this book and dance among the pages. I invite you all to do that so that playful nature within you brings forth creativity and innovation. I always wondered why many adults left the playground and headed to the office, this is for the adults out there who still swing on the swings at the playground and look among the stars in wonder! I salute you! Thank you Karin for your genius!”
– Pam, Canada