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Meet Niki’s Creator, Karin Pinter

Karin Pinter & niki owl“What if I had my own cartoon character?”

That was the thought Karin Pinter had when she was a teenager growing up in southern Spain, as she started to dream about what she wanted her life to become…

That was 20+ years ago now, and Niki has evolved beyond a caricature. Soon after drawing him to life, Niki also became a clay figurine and has since turned into a proud collectible item for people around the world. He is also the main character of several books now (one of Karin’s other biggest dreams).

When she’s not creating Niki Owl, Karin loves to explore cool places around the world, enjoy great dining, stunning landscapes and inspiring conversations. Karin is also an avid football supporter (aka “soccer”). All of these rich experiences imbue her Niki Owl cartoons and ideas, as she finds more reasons to help people live their dreams.

Karin is also a coach and speaker, working with clients and organizations to bring more of their personal Genius into the world.

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