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The EvOWLution of Niki

We made this cool timeline for you to showcase some of Niki’s major milestones so far.

History of Niki Owl

July 1

An Owl is Born!!

We're not entirely sure which day he was born specifically, but our records indicate that he appeared during the summer, so we're picking the first day of July as his birthday. If you're Canadian, we think you'll really appreciate this choice too. It's also Karin's birth month.
August 1

Featured on Handmade Cards

Karin started to make handmade greeting cards for friends and family, and the owl quickly became the featured character on most of them. In a handful of years she created at least 80 different designs (we're still counting through our digital archives!).
January 12

The Football Owls

Karin made this set of football (aka "soccer") owls for her dad's birthday in 1997. He's a fan of Atletico de Madrid and during his time living in the capital of Spain, he would often watch them play their rivals Real Madrid. It was the seed of an idea that would take shape later on, as Niki Owl's design evolved.
March 1

The Owl is Named!

We finally decided on a name for the owl... Niki! It's short, cute and easy to remember.
September 1

The First Book Manuscript

This manuscript was Karin's first attempt at completing a book of short stories, focusing around a small group of animals in a forest (including an owl, of course) sharing philosophical stories about life and nature. This would become the conceptual backbone for "Niki Owl, Leap of Faith" (pub. 2012).
November 1 is Launched

The first version of was created and launched, catapulting Niki Owl to the online world. We were amazed and delighted at how quickly people from around the world started placing orders of custom handmade gifts!
February 26

The Big Adventure Begins

Niki and his creator decided to relocate from Spain to Canada to see what the other side of the world was like. This is the premise for stories you'll find in the first Niki Owl book, "Leap of Faith."
October 23

The First Niki Owl Book is Published

"Niki Owl Leap of Faith" is the first book featuring our friendly owl. It tells the story of his adventures in Vancouver, BC, a very near and dear place to Karin's heart, because it represents one of her personal major leaps of faith. Read more about the book here.
April 27

Genesis: The Real Story of Niki Owl

As part of Niki Owl's 20th anniversary, Karin started writing this book to tell the real story of Niki Owl's birth and evolution. It also served as part of the inspiration to upgrade the website to what you're now looking at.
July 6

CANWNT Commemorative Gift for 2015 Women’s World Cup

One of Karin's favorite things is football (aka "soccer" in some parts of the world). This is a very special Niki Owl team gift Karin made for the Canadian Women's National Soccer Team, as a tribute to them hosting the Women's World Cup in 2015 and for being such a strong, heartfelt team.
August 18

Niki Owl’s Personal Makeover

Every cartoon character evolves, and Niki Owl is no different in this regard!! After many years of having little yellow webbed feet, he finally grew some fuzzier feet with talons. Aren't they cute?
September 15

The Niki Owl Coloring Book is Published

The first Niki Owl coloring book is born into this world, using illustrations from the first novel, and some really cool creative prompts to inspire you. Read more about it here.
October 12

Niki’s Website Makeover

To honor Niki's personal image makeover, we launched a new site to show you the bigger picture of what Niki is committed to creating in this world. We also created an online shop to make it easier for you to purchase Niki's unique handmade owl gifts and cards. This upgrade makes it so much easier to manage our systems, so we can focus more on our creativity!!