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Welcome to the Niki Owl Universe
Where Your Joy Is Our Purpose

Niki Owl gift of love

A Little Owl with a Big Heart

Niki Owl was created by Karin Pinter in 1995. Niki was born with a mission to light up the world through the power of Love, Joy and Imagination. Niki does this by appearing in cartoons, books, handmade gifts, greeting cards and other cool things.

How Niki Came to Life 

niki owl coloring book for adults

Niki Owl Books

We LOVE books, especially ones that ignite our imagination. Our growing series of Niki Owl books (including novels, guidebooks and coloring books) is deliberately created with positive insights and prompts to help engage your imagination and be in your joy.

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Soccer Owl

Handmade Owl Gifts

Because your joy is our purpose, we create products that are purposefully designed to inspire Love, Joy and Imagination in you! Our line of handmade owl gifts goes back 20+ years, and we’re proud to be inspiring so many people owl around the world.

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“There are dreams that live in our hearts, and dreams that come to life…
The difference between them is a leap of faith!”
Niki Owl